The Art of Personal Training


The most successful personal trainers are artists, not technicians.

Don’t get me wrong. We need a firm grip on the science of what we do. Proficiency in program design, coaching and nutrition—among other things—forms the foundation of an effective personal trainer.

If we want to experience true success in this industry, it’s important to understand that the science of personal training pales in comparison to the art of what we do. It’s important to remember that clients start training with us because they want to achieve a goal, but they stay with us because of how we make them feel. Making sure we help our clients achieve their desired results—or at least getting them moving in that direction—is essential, but it’s the art of what we do that keeps them coming back for more.

There’s opportunity for art in everything that we do. This does require a mindset shift, but the amazing thing is that the choice is ours—and it costs nothing.

How can we make art out of personal training?

Every interaction we have with our clients is a chance to transcend our service beyond what is expected of a personal trainer.

The art of personal training is in how we communicate with our clients. We need to communicate clearly, in a way that resonates with their experiences.

The art is in asking well-crafted, thoughtful questions in order to uncover our clients’ underlying motives behind training.

The art is in knowing how to skilfully persuade our clients to modify their behaviour in a way that helps them move closer to achieving their fitness goals.

The art is in being able to read whether a client has had a tough week and to show care and empathy so that we can be an ear if necessary.

The art is in being able to inspire our clients to keep at it, even when they’re in a slump during the inevitable ups and downs of a fitness journey.

The art is in doing a little more—choosing to over-deliver—rather than doing just enough.

Are you creating art through your training?

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James McDonald

James is the founder of PT Blogger. He helps personal trainers grow their client-bases, earn more money and thrive in the industry.
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